May 28, 2023


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The twins managed to contact before they died. Their bodies were found a year later

Władysław was 1 hour and 15 minutes older than Rostislav. Although their looks and inclinations were different, they were the best of friends. – Since childhood, the boys were inseparable: they went to school together, loved to play the guitar and sing, they had beautiful voices, recalls Olena Boyko, mother of the defenders of Ukraine.

After graduating from technical school, both of them were drafted into the army. For their merits during minefields in Lebanon, they were awarded the United Nations Secretary’s Medal. In the army, Rostislav became a sergeant, and Władysław became a sergeant major.

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On February 24, 2022, they were supposed to “help the border guards” near Białowieja. Shortly before clashing with the Russians, the brothers managed to contact their parents. “Father, mother, forgive us if we have sinned against you. It is unlikely that we will survive. The forces are unequal, a whole column of Russian tanks is coming towards us, reminds them.

When the family lost contact with them, the search began. In the military unit, the relatives of the soldiers heard that some of the commanders of the armored personnel carriers had been taken prisoner.

The tragic truth came out only a year later. The brothers were found by volunteers. It turns out that after that battle they were buried by the locals, so we were able to at least preserve the bodies, do DNA tests, and move the bodies of Rustic and Wadica. Their mother said that they were born on the same day and left this world together.

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Wladyslaw, 23-year-old orphan Danić, and 14-year-old Timur. Rostislav had a daughter, 18-year-old Elizaveta, and 10-year-old Mikhailo. And now, as Olena Boyko says, her grandchildren are her “only consolation.”