January 27, 2023


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The tragic situation of FC Goiac and Belek.  Is it over now?  baek nothing

The tragic situation of FC Goiac and Belek. Is it over now? baek nothing

In a tragic situation, he drives him Wayna Rooney Derby County. A club that miraculously stayed behind last season Premier LeagueExperiencing major financial problems. Knit the bottom of the table championship Aries was punished with a nine-point deduction, which could limit his relegation to League One, because the club has already received a similar penalty.

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Derby County again fined a point deduction. A team of Poles with sub-zero achievements

“The club, after a delay last week, has also agreed to dismiss its appeal of the 12-point subtraction decision in September, meaning the sanction remains in effect. The new nine-point sanction was applied immediately, in The result which have been deducted from the club by a total of 21 points from the current season’s league table” – informed EFA. Both decisions are final and are not subject to any further right of appeal. In addition, Derby County may face a three-point deduction penalty if the club does not meet the budget requirements. for the decision.

Subtracting nine points means big problems for Derby County. The club now has -3 points and loses to the safe 21st place as much as 18 points after 17 rounds. If Rooney’s team had not received the above penalties, they would have taken the 20th place in the table with 18 points on their account. There are two Poles in the derby: Kamel Joviac (11 matches in league) and return after injury Christian Bielik.

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Derby County’s problems began two years ago, when its authorities were accused of wrongdoing in the financial statements of the 2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 seasons. The club has received from Derbyshire, apart from the fine, a transfer ban from the authorities of the Premier League, and must send the representatives the corrected documents for 2015-2018.

The club’s debt is expected to be around 50 million funtwAnd its owner, Mel Morris, has publicly stated that Derby County cost him more than £200m.