Football gets a bad name for being detached from the real world with money being thrown around right, left and centre without much care or attention.

On the whole, that’s probably not far from the truth with plenty of senseless money splashed about.

How do the Nerazzurri measure up in that regard? Find out here as we take a look at the top earning Inter Milan stars in 2021/22.

Number 5. Edin Dzeko, £100k per week

Kicking off our list of the top earning Inter Milan stars is Edin Dzeko. The former Man City forward was a surprise addition in the summer transfer window leaving Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma to head to the San Siro. The contract he penned to complete that move is worth £100k per week; it’s hard to argue with it because he’s started the campaign in great shape. Six goals and two assists in eight Serie A games is a brilliant return at this stage.

Number 4. Arturo Vidal, £110k per week

Here’s one that will trigger some debate. Arturo Vidal is currently pulling in £110k per week and, whilst there is no questioning the career he has had, you do wonder whether it’s money well spent at this moment in time. So far this season he’s made a total of five appearances in all competitions with a goal and assist to his name. Of course, that doesn’t tell the whole story because Vidal hasn’t started a single game and has played just 140 minutes.

Number 3. Alexis Sanchez, £120k

Inter Milan’s shortest player, Alexis Sanchez, is another name that might make Inter fans wince when they see he’s the third highest paid player in their squad right now. Sanchez arrived at Inter off the back an awful spell with Manchester United and whilst his stats, which read as a goal contribution every 2.5 games, aren’t terrible they’re hardly what Inter were hoping for when they slapped this rather sizeable contract in front of the Chilean legend. The fact he’s managed a paltry 70 minutes this season tells you all you need to know.

Number 2. Ivan Perisic, £120k

On level pegging with Alexis Sanchez is Ivan Perisic, who set a bizarre record with his goal against Lazio at the weekend. You would suggest his wages represent significantly better value for Inter Milan. The decorated former Bayern Munich winger has racked up 214 appearances during his spell in Italy contributing 47 goals and 41 assists. Strangely, that gives him a similar contribution per game ratio as Sanchez yet you’d be hard pressed to find an Inter fan who wouldn’t rather have Perisic. The manager, Simone Inzaghi, clearly agrees. Perisic has made seven Serie A appearances this season averaging 75 minutes per match.

Number 1. Christian Eriksen, £130k

The man topping our list of the top earning Inter Milan stars is Christian Eriksen. Now, given the horrific scare that occurred during Denmark’s European Championship opener in the summer, it’s perhaps harsh to create this debate but it needs to be done. Does £130k represent good value for Eriksen?

Paolo Condo thinks his absence is a bigger drag on the team than Achraf Hakimi and Romelu Lukaku whilst others would say he’s somewhat underwhelmed since signing from Tottenham. We don’t want to fence sit but when you’re the top earning player on the books then it shouldn’t even be a debate. For that reason, we’d suggest he’s taking out more than he’s putting in (health issues aside, of course). You wouldn’t have the highest paid NFL player being a benchwarmer, would you?

There you have it, our guide to the top earning Inter Milan stars. So, what side of the argument do you come down on? Are Inter spending wisely or wasting wads of cash?

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