The team doctor spoke about Souza’s departure.  “We were affected by his behaviour” the Polish national team

at the end of March Polish representation She gave us great reasons to be happy. a team Ceslav Michenewicz VAZ 2: 0 Sweden And ascended to the World Cup in Qatar. Thus, the employees changed the unpleasant atmosphere around them. An atmosphere spoiled by a losing match against Hungary, losing a playoff in the classification and retirement Paulo Sossi.

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This is Mexico’s greatest strength. This could cause problems for the Poles at the World Cup

Let us remind you that the Portuguese, who played the role of the limiter Poland national team Since the beginning of last year, he decided to leave our team at the end of December. Souza unexpectedly reported his decision to the president of the Polish Football Association – Cesare Kuleza.

“Lewandowski’s departure will not be the worst.” Pole time passes?

Although the Portuguese initially asserted that his decision had nothing to do with his new job, he joined Fluminense shortly after leaving the Polish national team. Severe criticism was directed at Souza and her pages “Przegląd Sportowy” Dr. Jacek Jaroszewski, a physician, spoke about the former limiter.

Jaroszewski on the departure of Souza

– Paulo Sousa, despite the defeat at the European Nations Cup, managed to convince himself and gain the trust of not only the staff, but also football players. Yaroszovsky said that he gave the impression of a professional who not only speaks well, but also listens.

And he added: – Well, but in the end he did what he did. I had a good relationship with the Portuguese, he trusted me as a doctor, took my suggestions into account, the medical cooperation and physiotherapy were at a good level. His departure from Poland to Brazil made the impression. We look at working in the national team differently from foreigners. It is not only a place of practice, but above all distinction and honor. We add our hearts to our professional skills. For Paulo Sousa, leading Poland was another job. We were touched by his behavior, but I can also understand him – he made a better option for himself. He rang the bell and explained without fading that he was being guided by his own interests.

Lothar Matthews is straightforward. Lothar Matthews is straightforward. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a mess at Bayern”

The Polish national team plays the next matches in June in the League of Nations. Our team will definitely play twice with Belgium and once with the Netherlands. The match with Wales players, who are most likely to play on time, is under a big question mark Parag To be promoted to the world championship. Great playoff due to the postponement of March match Scotland – Ukraine.

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