March 21, 2023


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The tax revolution is approaching.  It will also affect the elderly

The tax revolution is approaching. It will also affect the elderly

Pensioners and retirees will also feel the reform. According to “Fakt”, changes should be expected by the elderly with a total benefit exceeding 2,500 PLN. Under this limit, nothing will change due to the exemption from tax.

If your pension is higher than PLN 2500 but not more than the total PLN 9500, then the return in July will be higher. The maximum profit – as our calculations show – will be PLN 122.50 per hand (with a pension of PLN 4950). This means that this year, even PLN 735 will be left in the pockets of the elderly – writes “Fakt”.

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Tax changes from July

In turn, the richest pensioners, receiving more than 9,500 PLN in total, will lose the changes. “ZUS, while working Modifications to the Polish deal Beware of this change. It is inevitable, if it were not for the change in the amount of advances from July, at the end of the year, the elderly would have to pay additional huge sums to the treasury ”- we read.

The magazine also notes that the changes will also affect seniors who earn extra money for their retirement pension. “In their case, the salary payment in July may be lower than in June. This is because they will pay a higher income tax down payment” – he says.