The Taliban are accused of killing a pregnant policewoman.  They were supposed to do this in front of her family |  world News

describes the case CNN. And the assassination of Najjar Masoumi took place on Saturday in the state of Ghor. factA local journalist confirmed that a crime had occurred.

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The Taliban chased down female protesters in Kabul

Afghanistan. Taliban accused of killing a pregnant policewoman

At the same time, CNN found a recording in which the son of the murdered person tells about a tragic event. The woman was working in a local prison and was eight months pregnant.

The woman’s son accuses the father. killing Taliban. According to his account, the Taliban entered their family home. Then they took her sons abroad and tied them up. – They killed our mother before our eyes. The man said they killed her with a knife. When the woman was pregnant, the man accused the Taliban of two killings.

National Resistance Front leader calls for anti-Taliban uprising

A Taliban spokesman, according to CNN, denied the accusations. “She was not killed by the mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, but perhaps out of personal animosity,” he said. He added that the investigation into this case is continuing.

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