The Survivor Quebec medical team had to urgently intervene with a player after a challenge

Like the American version SurvivorA medical team is on site 24 hours a day to ensure the health of the players.

In the first season Surviving QuebecIt had to intervene on many occasions with one or more people.

Host Patrice Bélanger also had a particularly stressful situation.

This is during a water test “, he says. ” Each player must individually sit under a grid and find a way to breathe. As the tide rises, their gap narrows to allow breathing. The last or last person under water wins. They choose different ways to breathe, some use their hands to create the effect of a snorkel. »

See an image and excerpt of the same challenge in the US version below the article.

He adds: “ It may have been 44 degrees outside, but the water was colder than expected, causing hypothermia. When players are out of the water, [il y a eu un problème, NDLR]. »

I had to scream “Medicine”. It’s been a while since I watched it on TV, it’s good TV! But it’s not a fun thing to watch when a female athlete passes out on a boat a few feet away from you. “, he explains.

I assure you, all the players are doing well today. A few hours after this intervention, they were doing very well, of course, under the supervision of doctors on site. “, continues Patrice Bélanger.

In an interview with us, the anchor felt that this moment was the most stressful in his adventure.

Besides a doctor, the players also had a psychologist on site. Learn more behind the scenes of this mega product (toiletries, medicine, clothes, etc.)..

Further, We answer here A frequently asked question by visitors.

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