The supercomputer showed something scientists haven't seen yet

About the fact that some things of this kind are not as black as is commonly believed, We have written on our pages several times. This topic was determined from a slightly different side by a team of scientists from Princeton University (New Jersey), who decided Create a simulation of the forces prevailing in a black holeTo study how they affect the smaller and larger particles found in The so-called event horizon.

He simply – The limit beyond which the object will not be able to get out of the black hole (Read: Overcome the forces of gravity and the electromagnetic field.) This also applies to particles of light, ie. Photons move in a vacuum at a speed of about 300 thousand. Ms (1.08 million km / h). But for some reason, from time to time, you could observe individual flashes of light emitted by these extremely powerful black entities.

It was used by Bart Riberd, a member of the American University team, with other researchers Three separate groups of supercomputers (a group of people working together) to get a very detailed picture of what is happening outside the event horizon. This is where – to put it simply – there were particles (like light) that were previously in the black hole, but In the end they managed to overcome the force of gravity and electromagnetic field of this entity.

From a report published in Astrophysical Journal Letters (Work has already been reviewed) Explains this Magnetic field lines play a major role in creating flares. The simulations show images that are a thousand times more accurate than those of other artificial black hole environments Some of these lines disintegrate and then form into new lineswhich releases large amounts of energy (called magnetic reconnection).

And this, in turn, is transmitted to the photons, thereby “charging” these light particles. So we already know how light is produced in black holes – But how do these active elements transcend the event horizon? The answer again is magnetic field lines. Thanks to the successive stages of the simulation, it was possible to determine how these lines were formed, which gave the scientists some explanation.

Photo: European Space Agency

Black hole and associated accretion disk

First, objects of different sizes as part of Accumulation disk (“a rotating structure consisting of dust and gas sinking into a strong source of gravity” such as a black hole) They are moving towards the “poles” of the object in question. As a result of these actions, the previously mentioned magnetic reconnection takes place, which leads to the formation of new lines of the magnetic field. This in turn causes Highly charged material deposition (eg photons) that can be attracted by the black hole or released outside the event horizon.

If it comes to the latter, We’re dealing with a glow of light that astronomers occasionally notice. Currently, Bart Riberda and the rest of the team are focused on improving the simulation to explore other uncertainties related to the forces and interactions that might exist in black holes.

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