January 30, 2023


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The sterilization of the hippos brought by Escobar has begun

The sterilization of the hippos brought by Escobar has begun

By Saturday, according to Colombian media, veterinary services had sterilized 24 of the approximately 90 hippopotamuses Escobar brought in the 1980s from Africa with chemicals. Although the Colombian mafia got only four samples, the animals multiplied rapidly.

The daily El Tiempo in Bogota revealed that a chemical given in two doses to hippos for sterilization purposes was imported from the United States through the Colombian embassy in Washington.

The Warsaw daily learned that the decision to sterilize the animals was made after it was confirmed that at least ten hippos from the farm owned by Escobar, head of the legendary Medellín cartel, headed to other areas using the Magdalena River.

The hack was the event that occurred on May 11, 2020 near Escobar’s estate, the so-called Hacienda Napoles in Puerto Triunfo, in which a hippopotamus attacked a man, seriously injuring him.

Killed in 1993 during a police raid, Pablo Escobar was collecting exotic animals on his 20 square kilometer property, including giraffes, tigers, antelopes and hippos.

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