The Stellar Blade update introduces a new game mode

The creators of Stellar Blade announced that the game received an update today. Marked and tailed. No. 1,003. The patch introduces, among other things, a new game mode and another set of costumes for the main character.

how described In an article on the official PlayStation blog, The fun option is for aging lovers. With the leaders, allowing the tail to overcome again. All nineteen opponents of this type, but with battles rich in additional settings.

Boss Challenge – as the name of the mode sounds – allows you to return ć to once defeated bosses, so not everyone encounters them. Available immediately. It seems logical. Once we have finished the story campaign, we will also unlock a higher difficulty level in these engagements.

The tail looks nice

You can’t miss the tail. New skins

“To start the Tail;ć Challenge, you can either download, save and decorate your equipment, or choose one of several equipment sets” – We read in the description. For a real challenge, choose a simple set While reducing the possibilities. If you want to make fun of the amazing walking boss, there is also a Max Set containing all the skills and stats boosted.

After completing the fight, we will then see a screen with a summary: playing time, and tail number. Perfect blocks, quirks, worn items, etc.

Defeating all bosses on at least Normal difficulty will reward you with Eve’s Neurolink suit. The update also introduces two other skins: White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi. If you remove the tail, you will also add another tail. Part &lstrok&eogondów.

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