The son of Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette shines in a professional photo session

Justin Morissette Recently posed In front of the photographer’s cameras William Boucher And the effect is amazing. It makes the young man wonder if he is following in his parents’ footsteps. Veronica Clutier And Louis Morissette And Showbiz will advance in the field.

Many artists and family friends responded to Justin’s post, including Math Duff. ” good evening “. His sister Delphine said in turn:” Heartbreaker “Marcus, a hairdresser and close friend of the Cluutier-Morissette family, continued:” Casano or whatever பின்னர் “. Then, actress Catherine Sapot, we were able to see specifically in the film The perfect family guideAdded: ” Just too 😍 “.


Note that last February, Véronique Cloutier appeared on the show’s movie collections In the media. The host believed Mary Louis Arsenal About those who say she wears too muchHis couple and his family are at the forefront.

I heard before in the beginning that my children are very up front and it always raises my eyebrows a bit because they are in my universe, they are, we see them occasionally, but their pictures are not much. Social Websites “, She noted.

She added: ” They are on the cover of Christmas magazine almost every year because it’s Christmas, it’s a family celebration, it’s nice to see them there, it brings back fond memories of me with them, but I do not think we presented them. That’s it and we use them. Just because they are, we will not pretend they are not “.

I have to choose, I can not show them in my magazine, I can not talk about them, do as we did in their childhood, because until our wedding in 2012, we never showed them. We found that they were so small that they could not understand what it meant. One day, they entered adolescence, and there, we began to let them surround us “, She continued.

We, our children, they do not hate it, they want to do, for example, the cover of the Christmas magazine with me. They love being on my Instagram story. Respect them there […] They learned very quickly to deal with bad comments and obscenities on social networks “, She finished.

Véronique Cloutier et al Mary-Claire Group On February 24, their association announced that it was offering a refreshing brand of fashion essentials and clothing for women.

The Marquee Claire Group, Quebec Women’s Fashion’s leading family business since 1965, will see its four banners in the spring of 2022 – San Francisco, Marie Claire Boutiques, Granier and Claire France – exclusively offering pieces of the brand. Vero By Véronique Cloutier “, We read in a press release.

In short, are we alone or are children growing too fast?

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