The sky turned green.  This phenomenon shocked observers.  Looks like a night vision goggle effect

Meteorology is not only concerned with weather forecasting, but also with the study of various weather phenomena. An interesting and dangerous event occurred on July 5, 2022 in South Dakota, USA. Instead of the usual gray sky heralding the start of a storm, thousands of Americans saw the extraordinary green sky phenomenon, basically clouds. It was a harbinger of severe thunderstorms with hail, heavy rain and winds, with the roar of hurricanes also descending. Why did the sky turn green?

A green sky indicates an increased risk of hail. South Dakota in the USA. Photo: TT jkarmill

Thunderstorms passed through South Dakota in the afternoon. They brought torrential rain and hail. Some of the hailstones were the size of tennis balls. The unusual shade accompanying the storms was noticeable. Instead of the typical gloomy gray sky, the green color looked a lot like the image of night vision goggles.

Green sky effect during storms in South Dakota, USA, July 5, 2022

Experts have not fully understood the cause of this phenomenon. Interestingly, yellow-green skies before a storm are common in some parts of the world and completely absent in others. Observations show that the timing of severe storms, usually supercells, is important. This usually happens in the late afternoon hours, when the angle of the sun’s rays increases, and then the red color of the sky prevails during sunset, and the blue color of the sky prevails during the day. Then the red shade meets blue, and as a result, green begins to dominate. The impending storm provides a dark background and begins to make up for that greenish or yellowish tinge.

The green tint of Supercell is coming with a hailstorm. South Dakota, USA, July 5, 2022

Green sky and clouds in South Dakota, USA, Why is the sky green, photos and videos on July 5, 2022

The light under a high thundercloud usually appears blue due to scattering of water droplets, but when blue light shines with the red light of a sunset, it can become greener and greener. Another factor that can cause this color is hail, as scattering of light on ice hailstones can cause this effect.

Gradzina, which fell in South Dakota, USA during the passage of storm giant cells with a green tint from the sky. Photo: FB Extreme Weather World

Green skies in the United States bring cold

Storms and torrential hail were accompanied by hurricane winds. There were 154 km/h in Huron, 146 km/h in Ajara, 140 km/h at Ray Heights and 136 km/h at Lake Wall. This phenomenon was eventually classified as a dogwood, that is, a broad and long-lasting gust of wind.

A green storm occurs in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The intense green color associated with a dangerous storm in the United States is really impressive. In short, this kind of sky shadow and storm clouds portend the arrival of storms with rain and heavy hail, but also with the risk of very strong winds, even with the strength of a hurricane.

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