The sky in September 2022 will be amazing.  It is better not to miss these phenomena

September is not only It is a sign of the end of the feast. It’s also a time in heaven Summer things often have to give way to the constellations of autumn and winter. So the future time may come to an end Good for observing horoscopes Taurus and Andromeda.

There are many interesting things hidden in their areas, which are also within reach of the naked eye. I’m talking especially about the father. open block chandelier And the father. Andromeda Galaxy. This year, the image of the constellation Taurus has been further enriched with an unusual image image of mars shieldSlide nearby A group called Hyades.

previously September 11th after sunset It will appear above the eastern horizon Moon in illumination phase 97%. will accompany him Jupiter, which is very bright. Not a problem It should be visible to the naked eyebut using binoculars will definitely allow you to detect it Natural satellites – Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto.

next one, On September 14 at 23:27, Uranus will disappear. The penultimate planet of the solar system will disappear under the face of the moon on its way to the last quarter. This process will take a moment, so it pays to get to the observation field several minutes in advance.

Uranus is not like that Visible to the naked eye. To spot it near the bright moon, at least it will be required astronomical telescope. This will be followed by the discovery of the penultimate planet from the Sun 28 minutes after midnight on September 15. planet He will come out of the dark side Our natural moon shield.

Another phenomenon may be a perfect marker in a later search for Mars on the horizon. In the Night On September 16, the Moon will join him in a phase of 59% illumination.. The meeting will be visible to the naked eye shortly before midnight.

The ninth month of the year It is not one of the most abundant in meteor showers. But those who missed the Perseids in August will have a second chance in September. From September 5 to October 10 Can be noticed September Persideswhose activity is only 6 phenomena visible to the naked eye within an hour.

You can also pay attention Piskid, which has its maximum limit on September 20 With activity of three phenomena per hour. After all, don’t expect anything spectacular in context after September shooting stars.

September of this year turned out to be a good opportunity to watch Planets of the solar system. Or not It is worth knowing what is happening with Saturn. planet nowadays Against the background of Capricorn It is visible to the naked eye. Then rise shining Jupiter, which occupies the boundary between Pisces and Pisces.

They are next in line Neptune and Uranus are invisible to the naked eye. Neptune is located between Aquarius and Pisces. On the other hand, Uranus camouflages among the stars of Aries. The last well-exposed planet turned out to be Mars rises for the last time among all theseIt is fully visible to the naked eye just before midnight.

It is also worth noting that in September 2022 there will be very favorable conditions for observing Jupiter. previously On September 23, the planet will be only 561.2 million kilometers from Earth. This is the strongest rapprochement with our planet since 1963.

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