The six stars of the new English Premier League season.  They all face a similar challenge

The 2021/22 season promises to be one of the most exciting in the history of the Premier League. Also thanks to the players who will try to prove their worth after profitable transfers. And not necessarily those made during the running window.

In our star list, we have included one player from each of the four teams claiming their championship aspirations at the start of the new Premier League competition, as well as one of the two teams who could turn into the ‘dark horse’. the chapter. Each of the following players faces a similar challenge: to show that it was no accident that huge money was invested in them.

Jack Grealish (Manchester City)

Everyone saw what Leo Messi lived during his farewell press conference in Barcelona. I felt exactly the same. Before leaving Aston Villa, I spoke to the team and the hotel’s technical staff. There were tears. But at the same time, I felt it was time to act.

Not only is the £100m paid by the England champions quite impressive here. Grealish belongs to a small group of soccer players who make fans in the stands jump from their seats. Thanks to speed, short drive of the ball from the leg, body balance, number of goals and passes.

It is Aston Villa who will give Pep Guardiola’s side the “new blood” needed to defend their title – as in the case of Messi in Paris – an added advantage in their constant pursuit of the coveted international victory. In the 2021/22 season, no player’s performance will be analyzed as accurately as Grealish’s.

By the way, we warn you, watching the compilation below, sometimes it takes your breath away.

Jadon Sancho (Manchester United)

No more excuses. It’s time for the final check. It’s time for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to finally start arriving at Manchester United for trophies as a coach. And together with the team he seriously joined the competition for the English championship.

The Red Devils strengthened in the summer on both sides of the stadiums. One of the most successful defenders in modern football, Raphael Varane, has joined the defense line. Meanwhile, the already impressive alternative in the front lineups has been expanded by Jadon Sancho, who has scored 38 goals and 45 assists in the last four seasons of his Bundesliga appearances. On paper, United – with Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood, Edinson Cavani and now Sancho – should be fearless among their league rivals.

The opportunity to join Manchester United is a dream come true for me – said the 21-year-old shortly after signing the contract with the club from Old Trafford. – I am looking forward to playing in the Premier League.

It’s time for Sancho to prove to the infidels, who never miss in the UK, that he can shine not only in the Bundesliga.

Thiago Alcantara (Liverpool)

While Manchester clubs have made one stunning move in the current transfer window, the highlight of Liverpool this summer is undoubtedly Virgil van Dijk’s recovery. However, this is not the only comeback the Reds fans are counting on at the start of the season. Another is the high level expected for Jurgen Klopp’s acquisition last year – Thiago Alcantara.

The Spain international was supposed to bring new quality to the squad in midfield and help Liverpool defend the title. Meanwhile, he ended up looking very promising on his debut against Chelsea, with Thiago setting a new Premier League record for the number of successful passes scored in a half match. Subsequently, the astonishing team from the 2019/20 season was haunted by injuries, Thiago played himself from the first minute in more than half of the league matches, and the Reds finally barely made it to the Champions League.

This competition will be an opportunity for Liverpool to rehabilitate and point out the excellent results from previous seasons. The success of this mission, especially after the departure of Georginio Wijnaldum to Paris Saint-Germain, may depend on the health and safety of the most exciting transfer of the “Reds” in a year ago.

Kai Havertz (Chelsea)

Winner of the lone goal in this year’s Champions League final and new favorite in the stands at Stamford Bridge, he has had a mediocre starting season on the Premier League pitches, appearing in the starting line-up in fewer games. (18) from Thiago (20), scored four goals and scored three assists. Havertz didn’t shine in the other stats either. Even with the change in the league, it was unprecedented in his career that he rarely showed significant passes or successful dribbles (at a rate of 0.7 per game).

As with Liverpool, the new season is set to be different. Both Chelsea, led by Thomas Tuchel, want to join the race for the England Championship and Havertz himself. In West London, everyone is counting on the fact that the German actor, acquired a year ago for 80 million euros, will also begin to pay on the local scene. And he will form a deadly duo at the front with Romelu Lukaku.

Winning the Champions League is not enough for us Havertz assured him. – We want to earn more.

Ben White (Arsenal)

Critics of the third deal – after Grealish and Sancho – the most expensive transfer the English club has made in the current transfer window, have probably given their opinion out of the ordinary. In fact, Arsenal have not attracted a player very closely to the philosophy of the team he led less than two years ago, Mikel Arteta, about which we have written more. over here.

Under Marcelo Pelsi at Leeds and thanks to Brighton’s eye-catching £50m ball, Ben White has made a name for himself as a very good centre-back who is well suited to the ball. The game is in a high line of defense. He has already quickly introduced these advantages in new colors during the pre-season.

Will Arsenal finally get a real defender? If so, and there are many indications of that, Arsenal may have a chance to return, at least to the league leaders at large.

Emiliano Buendia (Aston Villa)

We never intended to replace Jack with one player Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow explained supporters of the decision to sell Jack Grealish to Manchester City in a video statement. – Our strategy was to analyze and factorize their key attributes: creativity, assist, goals, and then find them, etc., in the three offensive players. Joining Emiliano Buendía, Leon Bailey and Danny Ings, we believe we have achieved this major goal.

Among the transfers made by Aston Villa, who are expected to be the “dark horse” of the Premier League season, it is worth looking for the best player of the tournament last season – Emiliano Buendia. The Argentine, who has already played in the Premier League with one season behind him, finished the previous matches with 15 goals and made 16 assists. More importantly, he entered the list of shooters five times after being hit from outside the box.

Or might Grealish have a worthy successor in single player form?

Which players will you be watching in the new Premier League season with the most interest? Feel free to discuss in the comments. The Brentford vs Arsenal matches will start today at 21:00 CET.

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