The Sith Lord’s identity may be the biggest mystery in Acolyte, but the Star Wars franchise is doing its best to explain who the villain is.

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June 20, 2024, at 09:35

The question of who is the production master of Star Wars: Acolyte has been one of the most interesting in the series. Unfortunately, it seems that the creators have built a mystery that is easy to unravel.

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attention! The series contains spoilers for the series Star Wars: Aculita.

Star Wars: Aculita It is a new Disney production that takes viewers into the universe created by George Lucas. The creators have promised fans a lot after this series, but it seems like the writers might be having trouble telling the story. At the beginning of the series, the identity of Syed, one of the May twin sisters, is revealed. It was one of the most interesting cases. But now it seems almost clear who is behind the mask.

In the fourth episode Intelligence It was found too much Clear hints about the identity of the villain responsible for the death of the Jedi. It seems that May’s master is her companion Qamir. This indicates more than just suspicion character behavior, When the topic of Mr. is brought up, however Above all, the crime committed against Kilnaka. No one but Qamir, who was present with the heroine in the forest, will be able to do this Find the Wookie Jedi and complete the plan to kill him.

Additionally, Qamir could easily hide the Sith helmet and cloak in the backpack he was carrying. The fact that he is the leader of Mai also indicates the hero’s knowledge of the master and his intentions. He is also very knowledgeable about who belongs to the Jedi Order.

Given these clues, the master’s identity seems almost clear. Although it can’t be ruled out that we’re dealing with a game the creators are playing with the viewers, it’s hard to believe that the screenwriters would go to such lengths to confuse clues throughout the entire episode. Confirmation of whether Qamar has a dual identity will come in later episodesbut it seems so The creators simply built a puzzle that can be easily skipped.

series Star Wars: Aculita It can be found on Disney+.

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