The sexy coach's Twitter entry was quickly deleted.  "everything is certain"

Kulakovic was recently announced as the new coach Serbia national team volleyball players. So far, it is not known if he will stay at the club from Zawersee. The first rumors in this case indicated that the matter was doubtful, and that he would be a substitute for the Serbian Michel Wenarsky.

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“I hope the Grbi will take the boys to fight for the highest goals”

Kulakowicz explained Winarski’s future with a single Twitter entry?

The person concerned himself decided to refer to these reports. “My destiny, everything is certain. I will not be the coach of Aloron, I will be the coach of the Serbian national team” – was the sentence posted on Twitter from the coach’s account.

Igor Kulakowicia tweeted شاشة screen

The next part was more interesting. “I wish Winiarski all the best on the seat of Aluron from the bottom of my heart” – you can read in the tweet from 14:53. It took several minutes and the entry disappeared from Twitter.

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The clubs do not want to comment on the matter. The coach does not keep the account himself.

We asked about these exciting reports at the clubs of both coaches. – This is the correct account of coach Igor Kulakovich, but I can only say on this matter that he does not manage it alone and it was not he who wrote this entry. The account holder may have other information that has been incorrectly reported. We do not want to comment on it at this time. We are focused on the upcoming PlusLiga meeting, and we will take care of the future of the team when the time comes – said, Director of Communications Alronu CMC Warty Zawiercie, Michael Koetko Bibnovsky.

– We do not want to comment on this entry. Coach Michal Winarski has a contract and important goals for this season. This is currently of interest to Michel and Nadina, said Justina Gdańsk, a spokeswoman for Trefl Gdańsk.

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We have also requested a comment from Coach Winarski, but have not received any response yet. My year in Gdansk has allowed me to build a nice group of people who fight and play great, great volleyball. President Gadomsky trusted me a lot and we have a similar view of volleyball. Nothing changes for me. I still want to do this. I don’t know if he will be in Treffl for the next few years or anywhere else. I will always strive to develop my players. He told us in an interview last October. Winiarski’s contract is valid until the end of the 2023/2024 season.

In a laughter environment. About Winiarski real? This is what the reaction shows

This is official information on this. and informal? The case caused some laughter in the community. Nobody wants to confirm that these reports are real, but because of the quick reaction to the entry from Kulakowicz’s account, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

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Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie and coach Kolakovic will play their PlusLiga 17th round match on Sunday against Indykpol AZS Olsztyn at 14:45. After a day at 20:30 Trevel Gdansk Czarny will take Radom Michel Winarsky.

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