The Settlers are now the Settlers: New Allies;  New information on the way
November 25, 2022, 19:15

The upcoming The Settlers headlined New Allies. At the same time, Ubisoft announced that we will soon get to know the details regarding the game.

The Settlers He emerges again out of nowhere. Ubisoft betrayalwhich was expected The strategy will be translated new allies. Presumably, this decision was due to wanting to match the name of the game with what it had already become. At the same time, it was revealed New details will be revealed on November 28 related to production. Then we will also see how this situation has changed over the past few months.

The last news we wrote about the settlers was in March of this year. looking at Then the premiere The Settlers It has been postponed indefinitely. This was dictated by the opinions of the players who participated in the closed beta tests. The statement published at the time also stated that the state of the game did not match the vision that guided its creation.

At the moment we do not know exactly what will be shown in three days. It is possible that we will get a gameplay showing how the team has used the last few months and if they have already made any significant changes in production. There is also a possibility that we will know the next release date – approximate or exact. For now, these are just guesses and we can only wait for Ubisoft to show.

Date The Settlers: New Allies It’s very bumpy. Production announced in 2018 And he’s had three big hits since then Delay.

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