March 21, 2023


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The Sands of Time Remake doesn't go away, but... the game lags again

The Sands of Time Remake doesn’t go away, but… the game lags again

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake is one of those titles that seems to run in players’ minds and is just there. From the moment of the premiere, when we were probably the closest to a potential premiere, the gameplay perspective started to slip. The above presentation was received very poorly (without surprise and merit), and now we can only read about the subsequent delays.

Yesterday, there was even speculation The title may be abandoned and never reach the market. Reports spread so much and appeared on the big video game portals that Ubisoft himself had to react. They released a special statement that definitely has a bittersweet dimension. We learned that the work is still going on and nothing has been given up but … the address is postponed again:

Subsequently [przerzucenia tytułu na inne studia – przyp. red.] We are no longer targeting the game’s release in FY 23 (FY2023), so the game has been removed from the listings. If players wish to cancel a pre-order, please contact the sellers. They will be informed of the progress of the project as it progresses.

As you can see, the situation is certainly not very pleasant – especially for people who have long been waiting for the appearance of the refreshing adventures of the Prince of Persia. Marking the first announcement (in 2020), the premiere was planned for January 2021. Then a few more twists, and finally promised to release the title by March 2023. Now, Even this term is far from reality. You have to be patient.

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