January 28, 2023


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The "Salt Bonjour" team kicks off its 35th season by welcoming the weekend crowd.

The “Salt Bonjour” team kicks off its 35th season by welcoming the weekend crowd.

A group of hello hello Its starting at 35e Season welcomes the weekend crowd to its set this Monday at 6am. It’s a great first.

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Captain Gino Sounard hello hello For 16 years, this season is joined by Patrick Benoit on Transport, Sabrina Cournoyer on Culture News, Geraldine Lamarche on Weather, Georges Bothier on News, Mathieu Roy on Social Media and Charles-Antoine Sinnott on Sports.

Many new collaborators will also join the show, which has become the most watched show on regular channels year after year. This is the case of relationship support expert Louise Chico from the doc If we loved each other. In the “9:1/4” segment, four collaborators will be added, namely actor and storyteller Michael Barrett, biologist and genius Bouchard Diouf, canine educator Gabriel Schreier and astronaut David Saint-Jacques. Doctor and Engineer.

Hosted by Ave-Marie Lordi Hello hello weekend For 11 years from Quebec, new collaborators are also entitled, including Félix Rondeau in weather forecasting and Hugo Langlois in Internet and social networks. Christian-Marc Gendron will also join the list of collaborators on the “9:1/4” segment. The weekend team will also rely on the services of Alexandre Dubey on news, Jean-Michel Bourque on sports and Anne-Soleil Proto on culture news.

We promise that the chefs and sommeliers will announce a great premiere this Monday, September 5th, during the first meeting of the weekday and weekend teams. For their part, contributors to the “Home and Family” and “Trends and Consumption” columns will provide files and issues they will be looking at this season.

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program hello hello Available on TVA Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Hello hello weekend Occupying the same time slot every Saturday and Sunday.