The Russo brothers wanted to direct Avengers 5. Will Luke Cage and Iron Fist appear?

Attention! This content is rumors, so it may be true, but it is not necessarily true.

Movies centered around a group of superheroes don’t have a director yet. or Avengers 5 Years Avengers: Secret WarsAccording to Jeff Snyder and MyTimeToShineH (two independent sources), the Russo brothers (directors) Avengers: Infinity War I Avengers: Endgame) wanted to help Marvel Studios and at least offered to direct Avengers 5According to both, Kevin Feige turned down the directorial duo. The reasons were not revealed, but it is speculated that given the fact that their previous two films exceeded their already high budgets, this could be one of the arguments against their nomination.

Avengers: Secret Wars – Defenders on screen?

Also according to the reliable The Cosmic Circus, more superheroes from the Marvel series created for Netflix will return to the MCU. Their sources reported this Luke Cage and Iron Fist will appear in Avengers: Secret Wars. Interestingly, in both cases these roles will once again be played by Mike Colter and Finn Jones, respectively. However, Iron Fist is a character who doesn’t have a big role to play, and Luke Cage will be more important to the story. Previously, superheroes such as Jon Bernthal (Punisher), Charlie Cox (Daredevil), and Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin) have returned from the series.

Avengers: Secret Wars It’s scheduled for 2027. We’ll officially learn about the future of Marvel movies in July at San Diego Comic-Con 2024.



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