The Russians were afraid.  “The authorities had to pacify the population” - O2

As explained by Belsat TV On his social media profile, the vehicles were an item of Russian propaganda.

The Russians were afraid of military vehicles with Ukrainian flags that drove through their city. The city authorities of Tver had to reassure the population. The accompanying military equipment took part in the recordings of the propaganda film about a “special operation” – we read in Belsat’s profile.

Russian propaganda plays a very important role in Vladimir Putin’s way of ruling the country. Thanks to him, he convinces the population that his army is invincible and that he succeeds only on the battlefield. In addition, these activities are referred to as a special operation, the so-called “spec operations”, rather than using the word “war”, intended to reassure the public as well as to conceal the true scale of the war.

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However, the fact that such a situation could effectively scare away the local communityFar from Ukraine, it shows that the Russians themselves are increasingly realizing that they don’t have much advantage on the battlefield.

A pale fear gripped the Russians each time the Ukrainians regained their lands. The loss of Kherson by Russia played an important role here, but also the recovery of some areas of Kharkiv Oblast and the most dramatic event, i.e. the destruction of the Crimean Bridge

Ghost hunting

Russians are very sensitive right now about anything that could be considered high treason. In such cases, they can resort to the most severe measures. Just a few days ago the Russian Federal Security Service It boasted that its officers had eliminated three people suspected of sabotage. Two of them were dressed as Stalker fans, and the Russians considered the symbol of a green bear with the “Freedom” slogan on their clothes “the flag of the far-right nationalist Freedom Party”.

Ukrainian intelligence works, but the authorities of this country do not provide information about what is happening in the internal structures of the enemy. However, it is known that Ukrainian spies in the Russian army work efficiently. It was they who reported, for example, that the Russians often lose a battle due to the fact that the army is divided.

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