The Russians respond to Bortnikzuk's statement.  "You have to know your enemies" Sports

We demand the suspension of the membership of the Russian and Belarusian sports federations in international federations, the dismissal of representatives of these countries from the governing bodies of international federations, and the suspension of broadcasting international sports events in Russia, we read today, Friday. subscriber Statement of the Polish Minister of Sports – Kamil Bortniczuk – and more than 30 other countries.

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“We have recommended to the international federations to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes and teams from international competition, and to withdraw Russia and Belarus from the right to organize major international events,” Bortnichuk added.

“In the context of crisis communications, Michniewicz has breached her first rule”

A joint statement was issued on the imposition of further sanctions in the field of sport by 25 European Union countries Great BritainLiechtenstein, IcelandUSA, Canada, AustraliaNew Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Norway. Bulgaria, Hungary and Switzerland.

“You have to know your enemies. Also in sports”

Bortnizok’s statement was reported in the Russian media. It was boldly commented by the daily, which described the demands of sports ministers as “purely hypothetical”. “We must realize that more than 30 countries are too few to put any pressure on the IOC. After all, it is an organization of more than 200 countries” – we read in the magazine.

Moreover: “Besides, the International Olympic Committee has usually reacted very nervously to the interference of state structures in sports matters, and the ministers who signed this declaration are representatives of state governments. The organization led by Thomas Bach is not obligated to listen to the opinions of officials. “

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“Portnisuk’s statement only seems harsh. In practice, nothing new threatens us and there is no opportunity to increase pressure on new sanctions. All threats should be treated as hypothetical. However, it is worth remembering who supported us in difficult times and in difficult times. The least reluctance to do so. than verbal attacks. It is also worth remembering who was the most vocal in calling for more sanctions against Russia and discrimination against our country.”

“It’s good to keep that in mind when things get back to normal, and that will happen soon. And it’s not about revenge. You just have to know your enemies. Also in sports.”

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