Zginęli od razu po mobilizacji – BBC informuje o pierwszych pięciu potwierdzonych przez władze przypadkach śmierci na froncie zmobilizowanych, którzy zostali posłani do walki bez przygotowania wojskowego.

They died immediately upon mobilization – BBC reports the first five deaths confirmed by authorities on the front line of a crowd of people sent to fight without military preparedness.

“The Russian authorities announced, on Thursday, the killing of men who had been mobilized and immediately sent to the front in Ukraine,” the BBC wrote in Russian.

Relatives of these people told the BBC that immediately after the mobilization, these people were sent to the front lines to fight in Kherson province without any military training.

The Military Renewal Command of the Chelyabinsk region confirmed the killing of five recruits from the South Urals.

BBC editors identified three of them Anton Borisov, Igor Yevseev and Timur Akhmetzin. Mobilized between September 26 and 29, they were near Lugansk on October 3, from where they were transferred to the Kherson region..

On October 9, information about the death began to reach families”- writes the portal. With reference to the account – a recording of a telephone conversation of one of the mobilizers (the wounded are currently in a hospital in Sevastopol), the BBC describes the circumstances of Akhmethin’s death.

“Pray for death.” The Americans spent three months in Russian detention

We arrived and on the first day – we did not shoot even once – they sent us to the attacking group, like meat, with two grenade launchers. To learn how to use it, I read the instructions on it Inform the man.

A group of “military” was supposed to repel the Ukrainian attack, but they were forced to retreat in a chaotic manner and suffered heavy losses.. Akhmetzin was among the dead.

The BBC wrote that the man had been serving in the military for 10 years under contract. After the divorce, he himself raised his seven-year-old son.

Russian authorities announced a “partial mobilization” on September 21. They ensured that only people with combat experience would be sent to the front, and that they would receive proper training after mobilization.

However, the media described numerous cases of people with no military experience being appointed, often even from “arrests”. There are also more and more reports of people being sent to the front without preparation. The Ukrainian side has already reported that the first crowd surrendered.

According to military experts, the minimum training should last from several weeks to two months.

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