The Russian representative expressed his solidarity with Ukraine.  The Kremlin wants a criminal trial against the “traitor”.  world News

Artur Smolyaninov gave an interview to the independent newspaper Nowa Gazeta. Yewropa. In the conversation, he said that if he goes to this war, he will fight on the side of Ukraine. He added that it “whistles to her” either Russia It will remain in its current form, or it will “turn into radioactive dust.”

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“Russian agent!” , “what a scandal you are doing.” This is how the vote on the resolution recognizing Russia as a state that supports terrorism looked like in the House of Representatives

Smolyaninov repeatedly criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He himself left Russia autumn last year.

Two Russian parliamentarians from the Kremlin-led United Russia party have publicly called for Smolyaninov to be punished. These actors must immediately cancel all their government contracts. For my part, I will appeal to the Investigative Committee to file a criminal case against this traitor, “according to the independent portal Sultan Khamzayev.” Jellyfish.

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Another State Duma member, Yevgeny Popov, called Smolyaninov’s words “an infringement of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.” He also noted that Russia should create legal mechanisms that would “protect Russians from threats and deny Russian passports to citizens recognized as criminals.”

Russia: The regime wants to prevent dissidents from returning to the country

The Moscow regime intends to close the borders to Vladimir Putin’s wartime opponents who have left Russia in recent months. Already pro-Kremlin propaganda I called People like “traitors” and “saboteurs”. In Russia, any manifestation of opposition to the regime is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

According to pro-Kremlin deputy Oleg Morozov, the court must decide whether Russians can enter his country. It is about people who left because of war While abroad, they criticize the regime.

Fierce fighting for Suedar. The Russians broke the deadlock

If the court finds that someone has acted to the detriment of order, he must be warned that he will be detained for 48 hours upon his return to Russia. Restriction of rights and even criminal proceedings against such persons is permissible. This practice was used in the times of the Soviet Union. Dissidents and human rights defenders were forced to leave the country and denied their nationality.

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