March 26, 2023


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The Russian news agency will open its first office on the International Space Station

The Russian news agency will open its first office on the International Space Station

The Roscosmos space agency signed a contract with the TASS news agency. Roscosmos reported this via Twitter.

– They wrote.

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TASS made a deal with Roscosmos because it announces that the Russian news agency is trying to be present wherever the latest news is. The task of the reporter, Alexander Misorkin, will be to provide regularly updated information on daily life on the space station. Reports created by the astronaut will be made publicly available through TASS, and photos and videos taken by Misurkin will be available on the agency’s website and on official social media.

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On December 8, Mysorkin aboard a Soyuz MS-20 will arrive at the International Space Station, bearing the identity of a TASS reporter. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and his assistant Yuzu Hirano will also appear on the International Space Station with the astronaut.

The Russians do not want to “limit themselves to our planet”

About the idea of ​​u200bu200bcreating a news agency to create a permanent office in space, the CEO of TASS, Sergey Mikhailov, spoke:

– Mikhailov reported, quoted by

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The TASS CEO added that it would be a “remarkable honor” to have the Russian cosmonauts as reporters, and was looking forward to Misurkin’s reporting from space.

It should be noted that American astronauts have long been reporting about life on the International Space Station via Twitter. The stories include movies and photos taken in space.

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