The ruble is the weakest in a year.  Queues in front of the exchange office in St. Petersburg [WIDEO]

almost. A queue of 30 people lined up in front of the exchange office in Mujahideen. Pushkin near the Moscow railway station. The Russians had to wait about 30 minutes to get in. According to Russian media, this was the only place where such a large queue was recorded on Friday.

The local portal reported that “the exchange office sells dollars for 80.5 rubles apiece, and euros for 88 rubles. When a person buys more than 200 pieces at a time, the exchange rate increases by 20 kopecks.”

An advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Interior commented on the situation. Anton Herashchenko writes: “The dollar exchange rate in Russia has gone up over the past few days. People are lining up near currency exchange points.”

The rest of the article is below the video:

The exchange rate on Thursday was 81.6 rubles, the lowest level for the currency since April 2022. – Business Insider reports.

Analysts Quoted from Bloomberg She points to two reasons for the recent weakness of the ruble. First of all, under international pressure, the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank, which is the last large Western bank still present in the Russian market, has recently curtailed its activity in the Russian market. The changes he made to the rules for transferring dollars to the Russian market may reduce dollar liquidity in this market.

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