The revolution at McDonald’s.  However, you have to be careful when ordering

McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest franchise chains, meets trends and offers new options to fulfill orders. From mid-June, you can come to McDonald’s with your own cup or purchase a reusable product – YourCup. There are no catches in this offer. However, there is an important variable.

McDonald’s introduces reusable cups. You can purchase YourCup or bring your own

McDonald’s office announced a new solution that will be available in all franchises in Poland. The mug revolution that we have known from coffee shops for several years has reached the Golden Arches. What is the new three cup system and

How not to lose money on it?

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McDonald’s focuses on the environment. “I have my cup” and YourCup

Choice and environmental care go hand in hand – says the network

The consumer can bring his own cup to any point in the network

Then get your desired drink – cold or warm – or ice cream. This is the first option, the second is to leave the old model of disposable cups (this option is recyclable), and the third is to purchase YourCup, which is a reusable McDonald’s cup. The latter is available in three other options: for cold and hot drinks and a separate option for McFlurry ice cream.

At McDonald’s, we have been working to reduce the number of unused packages for years. Thanks to the cooperation with the recycling company, Miklan-Ryza from Toruń, we give our paper packaging a second life. After processing, they return to the restaurant in the form of: paper towels – says Katarzyna Kocisz-Rouslon, Senior Impact Manager at McDonald’s Polska.

He adds that despite everything, the chain sees that “the needs of some guests are changing.”

We meet them by offering not only choice.”

I have my own cup

“, but also by offering additional proposals, such as a reusable cup

Your cup


Important detail. How not to exaggerate?

In the case of the new McDonald’s solution, the chain itself draws attention to an important detail in its comprehensive offering regulations. If you choose a disposable cup – just throw it in the waste paper bin and it will be recycled and returned to the restaurant in one form or another. If you choose a “YourCup” cup, you can return to the restaurant with it as many times and fill it as much as you want (in a specific bracket, i.e. for earthy drinks, hot drinks and ice cream).

However, if you bring your own cup, pay attention to the material it is made of. The network provides guidelines that you must meet:

• Be dry and clean,

• Meets safety standards – no operational defects

(cracks and crevices) which is intended for contact with food,

• It has a wide enough opening to allow filling

The product purchased,

• Has a capacity not less than the volume of the product purchased,

• Not made of glass, porcelain or ceramic.

This is important because the chain explicitly states that if your cup does not meet the above requirements and the order has already been paid for, it will not be possible to resign from the previously selected option or receive a refund at the restaurant.

Let’s remember that a similar solution has been offered in recent years by café chains, including: bringing the Take!Cup system to life.

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