The Redmi K80 will come to Europe as the POCO F7 Pro. Here’s the preview

Europe is still waiting for the Xiaomi 14T Pro (Redmi K70 Ultra), and in the meantime the announcement of the Redmi K80 series has appeared online! Xiaomi’s very important smartphones are also planning to appear on the Old Continent. In any case, this is what the POCO F7 Pro is meant to be, the equivalent of one of the Chinese models.

The Redmi K70 series debuted in November 2023. So much to remember. Now we’ll take a look at the new smartphones in the series Redmi K80especially the basic version that was captured and Redmi K80 Pro. Very mid-range/cheap flagship phones have appeared in the IMEI database and revealed some information.

Redmi K80, POCO F7 Pro equivalent, announced in Europe

Leakage refers to the mark numbers. 24122RKC7C And 24127RK2CCThese are respectively. Redmi K80 And Redmi K80 ProThe last letter – C – indicates the intended use for the manufacturer’s home market, i.e. China. Exactly the same thing happened with its predecessors. It is already an annual tradition.

Redmi K80 and Redmi K80 Pro certification / Image:

So the question arises: why should Poles be interested in Chinese smartphones? This is because the manufacturer, after the presentation in its home country, will begin to prepare for its debut in Europe. Renamed Poco F7 Pro After the original, you will receive Snapdragon 8 Gen 3We’re talking about Qualcomm’s most efficient processor currently available for flagship phones.

On the other side Template with note pro You will benefit from a better arrangement. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 It will be announced in October of this year, and shortly after that it will join the work of one of our heroes. However, the Xiaomi 15 (Pro) will do it before it.

Redmi K70 / Manufacturer Image

So when will all this fuss happen? If the manufacturer decides on a similar date again, then Redmi K80 series will go official in November 2024There is some additional information, but you will read about it in another article.

Mam nosa, że Xiaomi 14T Pro zrobi niemałą furorę i sprawdzi się jako farelka na zimę

source: com.gizmochina

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