May 29, 2023


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The reconstruction of Ukraine should be a priority

The reconstruction of Ukraine should be a priority

The Chair of the Committee issued a statement regarding the speech of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on the state of the European Union. Cordero focused on the issues of reconstruction in Ukraine and the cost of energy, which he said are “a problem for citizens, public authorities and businesses.”

Facing the coming winter, the reconstruction of Ukraine should be a priority. welcome President Ursula von der Leyen announces a donation of €100 million for reconstruction Schools destroyed during the war. European and regional authorities are already cooperating with the Ukrainian regions. An example is the city of Cascais in Portugal, which will help rebuild a kindergarten in Irbin, said the head of the district commission.

Appeal by the Chairman of the Regions Committee

The Portuguese noted that the commission had asked the European Commission, EU member states and all donors to provide funds to local EU authorities to support the reconstruction of educational institutions destroyed during the war in Ukraine. As Cordero pointed out The problem of the energy crisisPositive evaluation of advertisements to reduce the income of energy companies and reduce overall energy consumption. As he indicated, additional revenue should be allocated immediately to accelerate the energy transition and support the most affected groups. In his opinion, energy saving will play a major role in managing the energy crisis.

Cordero also noted that working with local and regional authorities is critical in helping residents and local businesses stay active and create jobs. He noted that since May, the District Committee has supported the “Energy Race” project, which aims to promote energy savings at the local level. In the opinion of the local government official, there is a real need for more reforms in the electricity market to reduce the burden of energy costs on people’s wallets and achieve an energy transition.

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