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Details that go unnoticed by the English media. The majority of Britons would consider having tea with the king It was the most dreamy of all invitations, but former US President Bill Clinton had the luxury of rejecting the invitation. Tea time He had other plans during his 1997 visit to London with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. What are they? We tell you everything.

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During the President’s visit to London in 1997, confidential documents leaked to the National Archives were reported. The call was declined From For tea at Buckingham Palace. Shortly after winning the May election that year, Clinton traveled to meet with new Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Philip Barton, Secretary Downing Street At the time, he wrote during planning: “The palace contacted us and told us that Queen I am pleased to invite the President (With or without PM) and / or Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Blair for tea … Tea is served at the palace at 5 p.m., which the President and Prime Minister attend at an event so they can skip it. . But it could be an opportunity for Ms Clinton and Ms Blair.

“I wanted to be a tourist”

According to documents, Barton explained what Clinton said “I wanted to be a tourist” In London, he expressed a desire to go to some shops and meet Tony and Cherry Blair for Indian food. The president finally finished dinner with the couple at an elegant French restaurant. The total bill for the fish meal came to 298.86 (approximately $ 412).

Documents reveal that the authorities were interested in the two leaders coming together because of their interest in seafood and music. An official of the Ministry of External Affairs is said to have pretended to have lunch Downing Street Will be the stage Clinton plays the saxophone, the player plays the guitar. But, the plan was not fulfilled.

Former US President Bill Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II of England. (Photo: AFP)

“Everyone agreed that we wanted something that could be shown to the president and the prime minister. […] As young, energetic and serious leaders. We recommend that they do […] Visit the Sports Cafe […], Where some children They can show you both how to play computer video games. However, the US embassy rejected the recommendation, saying it was “not enough”.Barton wrote.

By this time, Clinton had already met Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom for the 50th anniversary of the T-Day celebrations in 1994 and for tea at Buckingham Palace in 1995. Then he will meet the king Tea time Again, during a visit in December 2000, he had already left the presidency. Clinton once expressed her admiration for Her Majesty “She is a very intelligent woman who knows a lot about the world.” And “a wonderful person.”

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