The real TikTok event: Taku visited Quebec on Saturday

Don’t be surprised if you smell a spaghetti sandwich at the Galeries de la Capitale this Saturday! Because Taku, who has made the current Quebec star his trademark on social networks, will go to meet his fans.

It all started two years ago when the 71-year-old construction worker, who did not want to give his real name, was photographed by his son enjoying his famous “spot sandwich”. The colorful character quickly got internet users to react, reaching 300,000 views in 24 hours.

“The next day I did the same thing when he was eating a shepherd’s pie sandwich and it got 200,000 views. That’s when I realized that people love him. So I started filming our everyday life,” explains his son Jesse Lachapelle.

Since then, more than 500,000 people follow the duo daily through various social networks in their daily lives. They have collected more than one million likes on TikTok alone.

“I never thought it would become this big, but I love making people laugh, and it’s nice to have such good feedback,” Taku says with a laugh.

Photo courtesy of Jesse Lachapelle

Father son relationship

If this adventure is possible, it is mainly because of the close relationship between the two. Taku also agreed magazine This closeness with his son makes him very proud.

If Jesse, for his part, invests even more energy in producing content, it’s mostly to enjoy every moment with his father.

“My goal is to create memories in my head and on video. I’m 23 and my father is 71. I don’t know how long I’ve been with him, so what I really want is to keep him alive forever,” she explains.

“It’s also true that he never saw anything but construction. He worked hard all his life to pay for everything, and he never lost anything to us. Today, I’m trying to give back to him so he can have fun all the time,” his son said gratefully.

Credibility, the key

Since the beginning of the summer, the two have visited Joliet and Trois-Rivieres to meet their fans. Coming from the four corners of Quebec, they sang his famous “Hon!?” More than 4,000 of them were in Lanaudiere during their most recent visit last June.

“We’re natural, we don’t overdo it. The secret is to be real. What people see on social media is not text. That’s who we are 24/7,” says Jesse.

They will be at Sugar Daddy’s boutique in Galeries de la Capitale this Saturday from 1pm to 4pm.

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