The Queen of Car Simulation is available on Steam for PLN 7. Assetto Corsa will last you up to 7 years of racing

17 June 2024, at 21:31

As part of a promotion on Steam, Assetto Corsa is available at a record low price. This is one of the best car simulators available in the market.

Image source: Konos Simulazioni.


You can currently buy Assetto Corsa on Steam for a very attractive price. It is one of the best products in the field of car simulation, and is often referred to as the queen. The name of the work of the studio Kunos Simulazioni is due to the limited content and numerous modifications that will allow you to enjoy virtual racing for a long time – if you really want, even for 7 years, that is, as much as you spend zlotys on a game.

As part of the promotion, you can purchase this title for PLN 7.19. The offer is valid until June 27, 2024. Until 19:00 Polish time. You can use it by clicking the button below.

Just remember that for PLN 7.19 you will only buy the “stand”. Racing trim It contains many add-ons that are necessary to install some modifications. However, the offer in question represents an excellent opportunity to check out this title. If you wish, under the same promotion you will purchase a dedicated Porsche season ticket for PLN 17.37, and a Porsche edition for PLN 65.19. climax It contains a bunch of downloadable content (unlike the “base”, these two items could be purchased cheaper in the past).

Assetto Corsa for PLN 7.19 on Steam

Assetto Corsa: Seasonal Porsche for PLN 17.37 on Steam

Assetto Corsa: Definitive Edition is priced at PLN 65.19 on Steamie

Aceto Corsa – Basic Information

  1. Record low price: no
  2. PC release date: December 19, 2014
  3. Percentage of positive reviews on Steam: 92% (based on nearly 126,000 reviews)
  4. Average rating on (PC): 85/100 (based on 17 reviews)
  5. Average completion time (via 42.5 hours (it takes about 161 hours to reach the maximum)
  6. Language version: English
  7. Size on disk: 15 GB

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