The Queen at Estrie: The only time the entire royal family has reunited outside the UK

More than 24 hours after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, tributes continue to pour in across the world and in eastern cities.

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During the Montreal Olympics in 1976, the sovereign and his family stayed in the Bromont area.

She was there to cheer on their daughter, Princess Anne, who was competing with Prince Philip in the equestrian events.

“No vehicle is as ready to move her from one place to another as the Babemobile. They forgot to inform us. So we installed the rails in the box of a van and then attached the red and blue streamers. The Queen went there, she fell in love with the game and even found it funny,” said Roger Deslauriers, one of the organizers of the visit.

This is the only time the entire royal family is together outside of England.

The Queen and her relatives stayed at Alva House, a stately home near Fisher Point on the shores of Lac-Brome, now the property of John Hallward.

The house then belonged to the grandfather.

Today, he sleeps in the room occupied by Prince Philip.

“I was a teenager then and we lived next door. I was not allowed to go there except during the day when they were away. However, my mother served them cocktails on a few occasions during their stay,” he said.

Several photographs testify to their stay at Lock-Broom, including a family photograph taken behind Guy Dion’s residence on the other side of the bay.

The Secret Service claimed the compound to ensure the Queen’s safety.

In the village of Knowlton, a British couple, settled in the area for six years, attended important events in the sovereign’s life.

Sarah Hoplin attended Elizabeth II’s coronation, while her husband John attended her wedding to Prince Philip.

Elizabeth II marked their lives, and she was a strong symbol of unity in their eyes. In her honor, the towns of Bromont and Lac-Brom lowered their flags. They remain so until the day of his funeral.

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