The Quebec actor joins the final season of “Riverdale.”

Actor we have seen cottage And Big Brother is famous Joins the cast of the popular Netflix series for the final season.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

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Comedian Carl Walcott landed a recurring role in season 7 Riverdale. So she’ll be joining Lili Reinhardt, KJ Aba, Camila Mendes and everyone else.

Accompanying his post, the comedian wrote, “He is truly grateful to be associated with this amazing cast and crew. Riverdale Season 7″.

Carl will play Clay Walker, a studious young man who is an artist in his spare time, very open-minded about his art and sexuality. The character joins Kevin Keller, played by Casey Godd, in an important role.

The announcement generated harsh comments for Carl from his former playing teammates on the show. cottage As well as his friends and subscribers.

Instagram / Catherine Brunet

Instagram / Carl Walcott

Instagram / Carl Walcott

Instagram / Carl Walcott

Netflix series Riverdale Launched in 2017. After 6 seasons, the stories grew increasingly surreal and dark, and the series’ American broadcaster, The CW, announced that the seventh season would be its last.

This final chapter should be published in the spring of 2023.

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