The quantum battery is impressive not only by its capacity.  This is a project of Polish scientists

Surprisingly, the basis of recent progress has been… asymmetry. When a system reacts differently depending on the direction in which waves or signals propagate, we can talk about this asymmetry. Its source is a violation of time-reversal symmetry. The consequences of such phenomena have already been exploited in various types of quantum technologies, for example to combat noise.

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As for applications in the context of quantum energy storage, in this case there is much less progress. But only for a while, because our compatriots have recently joined the work. They and two Canadians decided to test the possibility of using a phenomenon called non-reciprocity to improve the charging efficiency of quantum batteries.

Such batteries are as described by their creators Physical review lettersThey impress not only because of their abilities, but also because of their competence. How does this innovative design work? It is based on time reversal symmetry breaking. In such conditions, there is a direct flow of power from the quantum charger to the battery and there is no risk of reverse power flow.

The quantum battery designed by Polish and Canadian scientists shows energy efficiency four times higher than current variants

Members of the research team used a series of calculations to evaluate the performance of these new quantum batteries. As they note, their design resulted in a four-fold increase in energy storage efficiency compared to previously existing quantum batteries. In this regard, the new alternative is unparalleled. This opens the door to applications involving energy storage in quantum technologies. These are related, for example, to quantum sensing and research into quantum thermodynamics.

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As for the authors’ future plans, they mainly talk about exploring the secrets of interactions between non-reciprocity and phenomena such as quantum entanglement. This would increase energy storage capabilities. In addition, scientists will want to apply current advances in quantum circuits to test the practical potential of their technology.

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