February 4, 2023


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The Prime Minister of Norway spoke with Putin.  We know what he asked for - O2

The Prime Minister of Norway spoke with Putin. We know what he asked for – O2

According to Reuters, the conversation between the Norwegian prime minister and the Russian president lasted an hour. Jonas Gahr Steuer contacted Vladimir Putin by phone. It was members of the Norwegian government who initiated the attempt at dialogue, and discussed their idea with representatives of European countries and the United States.

The war in Ukraine. What did he ask Vladimir Putin to do?

Jonas Gahr Stoer revealed that he turned to Vladimir Putin with several requests. One concerns the immediate end of the war. The Norwegian Prime Minister demanded the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory and access to humanitarian aid for the victims of the conflict.

I asked the president to urgently end the war in Ukraine, withdraw Russian forces and ensure humanitarian access, Jonas Gahr Storey (Reuters) reported.

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The Norwegian prime minister has made no secret that he does not expect Vladimir Putin to meet his expectations quickly. At the same time, he stressed that despite the difficult situation, attempts should be made to interfere and influence the Russian president.

Jonas Gahr Steuer explained: “We have very limited expectations of what we can achieve, but in the situation we are in now, we should not leave anything to ourselves.”

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