The Polish YouTuber (1.5 million subscribers) admits he ended up in debt and had to go full-time

This is an interesting case when someone with a really big channel has to work full time.

“Did you feel like it was some kind of failure?” – asks the question. “I felt a little, it was hard at first,” is what it feels like to move from a life where you do what you want to one where you have to adapt to others, to set working hours.

Such a case occurred on Polish YouTube. Many people probably think that this is one of the very popular combinations. Today, the channel with 1.5 million subscribers has almost no views. The last video is actually a promotion for the channel of the person concerned here. The video has been viewed less than 10,000 times.

Dion and a full time job after huge success on Youtube

It is interesting that the channel, despite the fact that it is not active, is still getting more views than some Ekipowicz (from Friza). This is about another team that worked with Frieze. Namely, “Bro Scan”.

The channel was created by three people who went their own way after the project ended. OjWojtek handles it very well, and its projects get really loud from time to time. It was different with the YouTuber known today as “Shymczyk”.

The Youtuber took care of the music, but interestingly enough, at some point during the creation of wip bros he had to go full time. The issue went viral all over TikTok and everyone decided it was after the end of the whole project, while the YouTuber was still working full time while signing up for wip bros.

The views, although they were very good, were not enough for 3 people.

“How could you possibly have gotten a job? Did I have to participate or did I want to?”

“No, I had to do more than that. I didn’t have much savings after bro surveying. We didn’t earn much. You’d be really surprised (…) I think once we had no talent for business, we were dizzy, and everyone thought of Just having fun and once we had a few wheels a month it was really good. Let’s finally have cars, because all YouTubers have cars, and we don’t have them yet, and we can buy them. (…) We decided we should have an office, and we’re in the process of Create a company, and there should be an office, and the editor should sit somewhere. We reinvested all the money and never snored ourselves again.”


There is also the issue of segmentation, the lack of deals at certain moments of activity. So Shymczyk got down to business, even before creating the podcast.

Interestingly, he quit his job and the podcast deal never materialized. So he ended up without a job, and after all, debts also appeared.

“(…) The money was going somewhere. When we were finishing some debts came up. It was a very sad time in our lives and it was a hard time (…)”

“Are you done with your debt?”

“Yes, there were different things (…)”

Going to work wasn’t easy either. Especially at first. However, it was a clash in a previous life:


This is one of the few cases where a YouTuber from a popular channel had to work a ‘normal’ job in the sales sector.

Today, YouTube mainly deals with music. His channel is doing quite well, although it is well-known – it cannot be compared to its previous popularity.

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