The Polish stadium has a sponsor after ten years!  "New Real" for 14 million pick-up noon

Tarczyński SA – one of the leading food manufacturers in Poland and the No. 1 brand in the prepackaged sausage and meat category – become a sponsor honorary stadium Wroclaw. The contract was signed for 6 years. During its tenure, the facility’s official name will be Tarczyński Arena.

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The contract was signed between Stadion Wrocław sp. Z oo and Tarczyński SA for a period of 6 years with the possibility of extension. The contract value is 14 million PLN. For the next six years, the Wroclaw stadium will be called the Tarczyński Arena. The current logo of the facility will also change.

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The signing of this contract moves the playing field to a new financial reality and affects it significantly in the long term. I am convinced that this is also an important moment in terms of image, because the facility receives the title of sponsor after 10 years of operation. I would like to thank Mr. Jacek Tarczyński for his trust. I am convinced that the events organized in the Tarczyński Arena will contribute to increasing the recognition of the company he runs – says Marcin Przychodny, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Stadion Wrocław.

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Tarczyński Arena with the logo on the front of the stadium. Sponsor Gain New Opportunities

A new logo for the Tarczyński Arena facility will be placed on the facade. The interior of the playing field and position will remain unchanged. The luminous diaphragm will retain its character and will continue to shine in many colors depending on the events taking place on the field.

In addition to the name and brand rights, the new sponsor has also gained the opportunity to organize its own sporting and entertainment events on the property’s premises. one of the offices Honorary sponsor. Gastronomic points will offer cabano sausages, cold cuts and Tarczyński protein snacks. You will also be able to try sausages with sausages of this brand.

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The Wroclaw Stadium is the largest sports facility in this part of the country with a huge business and conference center and office space. built on it Euro 2012. In its 10-year history, several hundred large sports, cultural and recreational events have been organized. In total, the facility was visited by nearly 5 million people.

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