November 29, 2022


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The Polish boxer sent the favorite to the boards already in the first round.  The judges' decision

The Polish boxer sent the favorite to the boards already in the first round. The judges’ decision

It started great and ended without surprise. Adam Palsky (16-2, 9 KO) sent Alan Babich (11-0, 10 KO) to the boards in the first round, but eventually the duel continued until the last round. It was a circular war!

Waldemar Osowski

Alan Babich (left) and Adam Belsky (right)

Twitter/Matchroom Boxing/Pictured: Alan Babich (left) and Adam Palsky (right)

Calsis’s Pięścierz couldn’t have imagined a better start in the fight for the WBC Silver Belt. The pole sent his opponent to the boards with an accurate left kick and it counted. However, the enraged Croat quickly regained the lead, and then began to dictate terms in the ring.

London’s O2 Arena was alive with Balski’s duel with Babic. Sometimes this was like an ordinary battle. Both of them entered into a powerful exchange of blows without counting. However, more two strokes were produced by Alen Babi, who carefully noted the victories in the following rounds. In the second half of the match, the boxers were already very tired.

When it looked like “The Savage” would easily take the win to the finish, Balski hit hard at the end of the ninth round. The Croatian was coming down to the corner on smooth legs. However, the judge decided that the blow infringed by Babesia had been dealt after the order declared the round over and took the point away from the pole.

Watch the video: The brutal knockout. Perfect hit! “Hold on to his face!”

Adam Palsky, seeing that the opponent was in crisis, launched an attack forcefully in the last batch of the duel. However, he did not succeed in “chasing” the Croats again. Both of them exchanged blows mercilessly in the last seconds. An amazing fight was awarded to the fans. Many of them got up after the last ring.

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In the end, after ten rounds, the judges scored 97-91, 97-91, and 95-93 in favor of Allen Babic. He remained undefeated in his professional career, but the Pole was the first to test him in a fight over a distance of ten rounds. Thanks to this victory, the Matchroom Boxing should be given a chance to compete for the WBC World Champion belt in the Bridger class.

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