The Poles will play M¦ Qatar in such jerseys.  Their photos leaked to the Polish national team

– These will be the costumes that we will be wearing for the next two years tournament, including the World Cup in Qatar and the qualifiers for the 2024 European Championship. The players will already have their pictures wearing the new shirts – a spokesperson said recently in an interview with the Pakistan News Agency PZPN Jacob Kwiatkowski.

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This is what the Polish national team shirts will look like in the World Cup in Qatar

Until now, it was not known exactly what white and red costumes should look like. – What are these outfits? I cannot disclose any details, I am not authorized. It’s not that we’re the only ones wearing them right now. Nike will offer T-shirts to everyone the actingWho wears it – said Kwiatkowski.

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However, fans don’t have to wait for the first one Game The national team during the September window of the national match to see the shirts. This is because Kamil Kobelsky from posted the clothing project on Twitter.

First chance to see Polish footballers in new jerseys on September 22nd. Czeslaw Michenewicz will host the Netherlands national football team in Warsaw as part of a football match The League of NationsThree days later, they leave Game with Wales. The expedition to Cardiff will end our struggle in Group 4, Section A.

The training camp in September, which will be the penultimate before departure for Qatar (the last one in November before the tournament itself), will start on September 19. It will be short and intense, Kwiatkowski emphasized. In addition to matches, our players will face off-field duties.

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