The Poles' shopping cart has increased dramatically

Average prices for core products increased by 2.25%. against June. E-grocery remains the most expensive shopping channel. Lidl overtook Auchan in the rankings in July The cheapest retail chains.

According to preliminary data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), the inflation rate in Poland is 5%. Compared to 4.4 per cent in June, this is the highest level in more than 10 years. This high level of inflation affects the prices of food products. In July this year. Shopping Cart® study and report by ASM Sales Force showed the average cart price at PLN 229.98. This represents an increase of 5.05 PLN compared to June of this year. By 0.97 PLN compared to July 2020.

Data collected by the ASM Sales Team Agency shows that in 9 of the 11 networks covered by the study, prices in July of this year were higher than in June. The largest drop in the average price of a shopping cart occurred in the Lidl chain (5.78%).

Annually, the same as in a month, nine networks recorded an increase in prices compared to 2020. These were among others: Tesco (6.43%), e-grocery (3.43%) and Carrefour (3.29%).

– The global price is confirmed by the latest shopping cart survey and report. According to him, the value of the minimum basket increased in July by about 6% in annual terms. July is another month in a row when we notice an increase in this value.

In contrast, the maximum basket in July was 7.73% cheaper than last year, which means that owners of retail chains are still looking for ways to attract customers by pursuing an active pricing policy in some product groups – comments Patrick Gorzinsky, managing director of the agency ASM sales team.

The largest drop in basket prices was recorded in the Macro series, where the average price in July 2021 was 23.88 PLN lower than the previous year. That’s 9.83 percent. less.

In the first month of the summer holidays, Liddell dethroned Auchan in the race for the leading position in the ranking of the cheapest retail chains. For the analyzed set of products in Lidl stores, you had to pay 213.51 PLN. This is 5.49 PLN less than the Auchan basket.

In July 2021, the largest amount had to be spent in the Tesco chain, the value of which was 245.44 PLN purchases, which is almost 15% more than the cheapest Lidl stores. E-grocery remains the most expensive shopping channel. There, the average cart total was at PLN 258.41, which represents an increase in prices in this channel of PLN 6.31 (2.5%) compared to June.

A shopping cart survey conducted by the agency ASM Sales Force in July 2021 indicated that the cheapest purchases can be made this month at discounts – PLN 217.89. You had to pay 18.6% for purchases in the most expensive online grocery channel. More than the cheapest discounts.

July 2021 saw a slight increase in prices in the e-grocery channel compared to June of this year. The cost of online shopping increased by 2.5%. compared to June. Currently, 5 out of 10 analyzed product groups are the most expensive in this sales channel. The largest number of groups of cheaper products (5) can be found in the Lidl series (household chemicals, cosmetics, additives, frozen foods, confectionery and bulk products).

The two cheapest groups of products are found in the Makro series (dairy products and beverages). In July, there was not a single batch of the cheapest products in the e-grocery channel and in the Biedronka, Intermarché, Kaufland and Tesco networks and in another Cash & Carry network.

Prices for bulk products (17.81%), stimulants and alcohol (4.43%) and the category of meat, deli and fish (3.17%) fell the most year-on-year, similar to last month. Beverage prices were again the most expensive, with an increase in July of nearly 13.50%. vs 2020

Analyzing the basket consisting of only the cheapest products, we can pay PLN 187.07 (more than 9.97 PLN compared to June), while the basket of the most expensive products – PLN 295.09 (more than PLN 4.95 compared to June). The difference between the cheapest and most expensive basket in July 2021 was PLN 108.02 which is 5.02 PLN less than in June. Annual data shows that the minimum basket sum in July 2021 was 5.99% higher. Compared to last year, while the maximum basket was in July this year. 7.73 percent cheaper. Compared to 2020

In line with the approved methodology, the Shopping Cart® study and report analyzed typical shopping cart prices, which included the most popular FMCG products from core categories (eg dairy, meat, cold cuts, beverages, confectionery, alcohol, household chemicals, cosmetics, etc.). The agency ASM Sales Force examines prices for the same 40 products in 11 retail chains, both in traditional stores and in the e-commerce channel.

July showed that in the case of minimum product prices, the chains are the leaders: Auchan and Macro, which offered 11 products at the lowest prices. The presented graph shows that in E.Leclerc stores there were 3 products that were the cheapest, and in Biedronka and Kaufland there were 4 products at the lowest price out of the 40 analyzed. The cheapest level 9 products are found in the Lidl series, and 6 in another Cash & Carry series. There was only one product cheaper at Tesco and Intermarché.

The most expensive products (10) can be found in Tesco and . It was followed by the e-grocery channel (9 products) and another Cash & Carry network (6 products). In June, the most expensive products were recorded in the e-grocery channel, followed by E.Leclerc. The least expensive products were registered in July of this year. In Biedronka, Auchan Carrefour, Makro (one producer each) and Interarche (two producers).

Analysts at the Polish National Bank and several financial institutions believe that prices will slow slightly. The July inflation forecast from NBP suggests core inflation will fall from around 3.5-4%. Currently it is around 3 percent. in early 2022. This would allow all inflation, including food and energy, to decline significantly, possibly approaching the upper limit of the inflation target (3.5%).

However, economists warn that another wave of massive interest rate hikes is ahead. All because of the high purchase prices of agricultural products. There is pessimistic data from the latest GUS data. The purchase prices of basic agricultural products increased in May 2021 compared to the previous month (by 1.3%) and compared to the same month last year (by up to 16%).

Officials collected average data on the prices of different types of cereals, potatoes, meat, and milk. Only oats and potatoes are cheaper annually – at less than 6 percent. In the case of other products, increases range from 2 to 30 percent. PKO BP analysts indicate that average prices of agricultural products on the longer time horizon correspond to changes in food prices in general. The increase in the growth of agricultural products portends a return to higher prices.

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