The PlayStation 2022 recap is now available.  Players can check their stats and get rewards

Sony invites players to summarize their last 12 months on the PlayStation servers. The company has prepared a system that generates statistics on our achievements, among which there are a lot of details about the game.

Sony systematically invites players in December to prepare special summaries, thanks to which those interested can check their statistics from PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The company also allows you to create graphics that present our achievements.

Players can check the number of hours they have spent on PlayStation consoles over the last 12 months – Sony provides detailed data on single and multiplayer gameplay, the total number of days you spent playing the game, and even the number of hours you played titles from PS5 and PS4.

The company also emphasizes your five favorite games, that is, mainly the products on which you spent the most time – in the statistics you can even check what percentage of the total time you have devoted to a particular game. The information included statistics on prizes won and interest in the PlayStation Plus offer.

If you check out all the tabs in the PlayStation 2022 recap, you’ll come across one of six Astro Bot incarnations. Wario64 gave all codes:

You will create your own PlayStation feeds over hereBut I warn you that the site is currently under siege from players.

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