The plan to end the war will be ready this year

Zelensky announced that Ukraine will soon present its detailed vision regarding energy, food security, prisoner exchange and the return of Ukrainian children from Russia.

-I am convinced that we will solve these problems. At least we will prepare a detailed plan. He said during a joint conference with Slovenian President Natasa Burke Mosar on Friday that this will happen soon.

Zelensky stressed that it is very important for Ukraine to present a plan to end the war that will have the support of the majority of the world. He added – this is the diplomatic path we are working on.

Zelensky ordered the preparation of a peace plan

Today, Thursday, Zelensky said in a press conference with European Council President Charles Michel in Brussels that Ukraine does not want to prolong the war for years and intends to prepare a peace plan for the second summit.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said last week that Russia’s participation in the second peace summit is possible through intermediaries, because Kiev is not seeking direct contacts with Moscow.

– We have a very successful experience in negotiations on the Black Sea grain agreement, when Ukraine negotiated with Turkey and the UN, and Turkey and the UN negotiated with Russia, Kuleba said.

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis has suggested the possibility of holding a second peace summit on Ukraine this fall, but before the US presidential elections scheduled for November. He pointed out that negotiations to end the war in Ukraine could not take place without Russia, and expressed his hope that it would join the talks in the future.

Earlier, Zelensky did not rule out Moscow’s participation in the upcoming peace summit. As he explained, the Russian presence means “they want peace and are ready to end the war.”

War in Ukraine. Peace Conference in Switzerland

93 countries and international organizations participated in the peace summit held in Switzerland (June 15-16). No delegations from China arrived, and delegations from Brazil and the Vatican served as observers.

Representatives of 78 countries participating in the event signed the final statement (India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Armenia declined to sign it), which includes, among other things: Reaffirmed the commitment to refrain from using or threatening to use force against Ukraine’s territorial integrity or political independence within its borders. Internationally recognized.

The Center for Oriental Studies notes that the text of the statement is the result of a broad compromise, since it does not explicitly condemn Russia for aggression (the phrase “Russia’s war against Ukraine” was used), nor does it call for the withdrawal of its troops.

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