The phenomenon of the movie "Purple Hearts".  How did Nicholas Galtzen and Sophia Carson have so much success with teens?

beautiful Date the love. Cassie (Sofia Carson) is an aspiring singer who meets Private Luke (Nicholas Galtzen) on her way. The film is based on the book “Purple Hearts” by Tess Wakefield. How did the main actors find new success on Netflix?

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Purple Hearts. Nicholas Galtzen and Sophia Carson have had huge success in the movie with teenagers

The big media hype around the film after it achieved number one in Poland and the world started on the first day after its premiere. Despite the unfavorable reviews of critics and the description of the plot as choppy, the song is watched by Netflix viewers around the world with impatience. Negative opinions and comments do not translate into a decrease in the number of plays.

Representation of the game and chemistry on the screen how they made the two heroes Movie, Nicholas Galitzin and Sophia Carson, keep “Purple Hearts” at the fore in 50 countries around the world. The film swamped her previous success “Grey Man”.

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Sophia Carson as executive producer of the film

Sophia Carson, in addition to playing the title role, has also served as an executive producer. It also helps you to create your movie soundtrack by singing the songs yourself. Carson contributed four of them. Eight songs released after the premiere are still gaining popularity. It should be noted here that the woman, besides acting, is also professionally engaged in singing and is very successful in this field. She is also an ambassador for UNICEF and the Latin Grammy Foundation.

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