The phenomenon of Eva Longoria in Cannes.  The actress presented herself in two divine styles

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Tuesday, May 17, 75. Cannes International Film Festival. One of the stars invited to this event is also Eva LongoriaWhich sounded exceptional during the opening ceremony. Especially for this occasion, the actress chose a long black dress designed by the Italian fashion house Alberta Ferretti. We didn’t have to wait long for the next star divine patterns.

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Eva Longoria trains Zumba on the trampoline

Cannes 2022. Eva Longoria’s amazing style

On the second day of the Cannes International Film Festival, Eva Longoria also chose clothes designed by the Italian fashion house. But this time her choice fell on the brand Giuseppe de Morabito. Press photographers captured the moment when the actress, dressed in a light green corset and baggy pants of the same color, was greeted by the crowd assembled under the hotel Martinez. She chose gold jewelry for a set that beautifully highlights her personality Contract And small earrings. All fit perfectly into the flour Make-up And the hair that falls freely on the shoulders.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria Instagram / @evalongoria

However, it was not the end of the design that the actress presented that day. A few hours later, the star jumped out in an orange dress with slits at the height of the thighs and chest. That’s why she chose beige high heel sandals and gold jewelry. This time, she also put on a fluffy makeup and melted a bit Poetry.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria Kumi Simon / IPA / ABACA Retrieved May 18, 2022

In the report posted on Instagram, Longoria also showed fans how preparations for the second day of the festival looked like.

Eva LongoriaEva Longoria Instagram / @evalongoria

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