The perovskite solar cells will eventually go on sale.  We know the history

What solar cells will become the next generation when the silicon module era ends? Everything indicates that tandem photovoltaics will be the first to enter the market. The Dutch-German Producers Association, in cooperation with TNO, will help implement new technological solutions on the market – learn from press release.

The new solar cells will be a kind of hybrid of silicon and perovskite technology. The tandem devices will consist of a ‘conventional’ lower unit and an upper layer made of a material with a perovskite structure. This application will increase the efficiency of the cell, which will become competitive with the silicon modules currently available in the market.

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Everything will be done as part of the Fit4Market research project, which is funded by Dutch entrepreneurship agency RVO. The project will last four years, and its ultimate effect is the creation of such a tandem technology that would be immediately suitable for implementation in the commercial market. Taking into account the specific period of work of scientists, in 2027 we can expect new developments in the industry.

New solar cells will replace Chinese technology. Why is this project so important?

There are several reasons for the importance of this project. First, silicon technology is slowly reaching its full potential. Not only will more scientists and engineers push polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon to achieve greater energy conversion efficiency. So it’s time to start looking for new technologies now.

Secondly, tandem cells appear to be easy to implement in the market, because half of them are based on an already known production methodology. The biggest unknown is the perovskite layer and how to place it on the module. Mass production of “tandems” would make sense when it would be relatively cheaper or expensive to the silicon cells currently produced. One of Fit4Market’s goals is to reduce costs and simplify production processes as much as possible.

The third reason is also the strong need for independence from the Chinese sales market. Photovoltaics is a huge industry that China has got its hands on. The development of technology outside the borders of this country is in the interest of all those who do not want to allow the absolute monopoly of the Middle Kingdom.

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The tandem solar cells produced are also expected to produce more power per square meter. Currently it is about 200 Wp / m2And “tandems” will be able to reach 300 W / m2. So we keep our fingers crossed for the success of the project, because Poland can also benefit from it. Photovoltaic development in Poland is so important that many beneficiaries will be interested in new green technologies.

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