The permanent footballer revealed the reason for his rejection of Legia's offer.  'They didn't support it' football

a few days ago Perpetual Krakow hit Transferbring Wilde’a-Donalda GuerrieraWho played in the past in the years 2013-16 in the league for Wisła Kraków. The 32-year-old Haitian representative has been linked with Francesc Smuda until the end of the current season with the possibility of extending the contract for another year.

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Wild Donald Gearer in the Pages “Przegląd Sportowy” He revealed the reason for his decision to become a footballer for a club that plays in the fourth tier of the league. – I totally wanted a six-month contract. If you give a good tour, then perhaps there will be different offers from the Polish Premier League and not only – admit.

Guerrier can go to Legia Warsaw

Guerrier admitted he could return to the league earlier. When he was a player in Karabakh, he received an offer from Legia Warsaw. – It was difficult for me to accept this offer at a time when my wife and family did not support it. Her grandfather played in Wisla Krakow, her mother and uncle have connections with fans of this club and strongly advised me not to go there. They said frankly: “There is no such possibility,” he said.

He added: – That was after I appeared in Champions League. I remember the fuss about it. A journalist came to Azerbaijan to do material with me and Jacob Rzenichak.

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During his stay in Wisla Krakow, Guerrier played 75 league matches, in which he scored 20 goals and added 6 assists. Later, the 32-year-old Haitian from Karabakh Agdam won two Azerbaijani championships, and also played for this club in the Champions League and European League.

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In addition, Guerrier also played in Turkey’s Alanyaspora, Azerbaijan’s Neftchi Baku, and recently played in Cyprus for six months as a player in Apollo Limassol. At the end of the 2020/21 season, Guerrier terminated his contract with Apollo and became a free player. He stayed in Poland and wanted to continue his career in our country, where he has a partner from Krakow.

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Thus Guerrier joined other players with league pasts at Perpetual. These include Radosław Majewski, Michał Miśkiewicz, Sławomir Peszko or Łukasz Burliga. A new Haiti club after 17 fourth rounds leggy He is the leader of the table with 47 points in the account. Francesc Smuda is 11 points ahead of the other team. The fall tour ended on November 7.

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