The “pearl” of southern Poland will get a second life. The picturesque palace will soon look like part of a Disney fairy tale

If you are a lover of historical curiosity, love seeing historical buildings and dream of stepping back in time a few centuries, at least for a moment, go to Opole Prefecture. There, in the small town of Kopice, in the Brzeg region, you will find the ruins of a huge palace that looks like something out of a fairy tale. Its walls hide a unique history, and it will soon have a second life. Renovation plans have been announced.

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Can you visit the palace in Kobeci? This may be possible soon

The palace in Kopitze dates back to the second half of the 14th century, when the building served as a knight’s residence. It passed from hand to hand for a long time, until it was finally rebuilt into a residential residence and bought by Hans Ulrike von Schafgotsch and Johanna Greczyk von Schomberg-Godula. For years the couple took care of the beautiful palace, around which they also arranged a park, but today it is uninhabited. The ruins are surrounded by a huge garden and a pond, so they still look impressive. The intricate architectural decorations make it You can feel like you are in a fairy tale or a Disney fairy tale there. Although only tours from the outside are possible now, that may soon change. The current owner recently announced on Facebook that he had received a grant to carry out a complete renovation of the palace. It may then be possible to open it to tourists.

Kopitsy Palace: The owner has good news. A major renovation has begun.

This was announced on the Facebook profile Great support from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the start of restoration work in the palace.

The request of the owner of the palace for co-financing of construction works – in the field of roofs and ceilings – has been approved. The Ministry will allocate PLN 500,000 for this purpose.

– We read on social media. But that’s not all. The Marshal’s Office of Opole District also provided funds for the renovation.

The second good news came from the Marshal’s Office of Opole Voivodeship, which provided support of PLN 200,000 for the reconstruction work and reconstruction of the roof of the shrine in the park.

– Reported. The author also posted photos of the memorial, which show that the renovation process has already officially begun. This is a great opportunity to renovate this unique property and restore it to its former glory. Perhaps soon the area will gain incredible attractiveness.

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