The particle stream travels seven times faster than light.  breaks the laws of physics?

While the coincidence may seem like a breakthrough in understanding physics, in reality it is It is an illusion caused by the high speed of particles being thrown into space. up to 99.97 percent. The speed of light (about 1.07 billion km / h).

The mysterious stream of energy was observed in 2017. It was created as a result of the collision of two neutron starsThat is, extremely dense, sunken stellar cores. Each had a mass equal to the Sun and no greater than the average size of the city. The massive force of the collision created a ripple in space-time, which is what physicists call gravitational waves.

their presence Albert Einstein actually predicted in 1916.However, it took up to 100 years to confirm. It was observed in 2016. The result of the collision of two black holes. The waves detected by the collision of stars are the first observations from any source other than black holes. Although gravitational waves themselves are not visible, they can be detected with appropriate research tools. On the other hand, the observed flux is the visual effect of the collision.

The energy flow in space has been analyzed thanks to observations Hubble telescope, Gaia moon ESA and Several ground-based telescopes. Thus, this imaginary speed and the actual speed were calculated.

The slightly distorted velocity is due to the difference in the velocity of the particles emitted by the current and light. In fact, nothing can exceed the speed of light, so this “ultra-luminous” motion is an illusion. As the jet approaches Earth at nearly the speed of light, the light it emits at a later time has a shorter travel distance. In fact The plane is chasing its light. In fact, more time elapsed between the emission of the jet light than the observer thought. This overestimates the speed of the object – in this case, it appears to be exceeding the speed of light.

This illusion has also been observed in other space objects, including . In the plane launched from Galaxy Messier 87 In the constellation Virgo. All the hypervelocities observed so far can be explained using the laws of physics known to us.

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