“We don’t want his presence at an event that wants to be festive and family,” the organizer of the 2021 edition of the show sums up. This is the scene on the water, Louis Lawland.

For three years, the show operated around 400 boats around the southboard tunnels, in the waters of Grand Lock Saint-Franois, to attend concerts. The 2021 edition featured the Epic Eagles and Rebellion effect, rock cover groups.


On Friday, the day before the event’s scheduled date, the organization had to cancel the revolt effect group’s performance. Its singer, Amelie Paul, was known during epidemics, while she shared opinions against health measures.

‘S Facebook page This is the scene on the water It was attacked by many internet users who were shocked by the artist’s arrival among the guests. Many accused of inciting the conspiracy movement pointed to the organization. Boats have announced they would like to drop out of the show for this reason.

Faced with the murmur, the administration quickly rectified the situation.

“Production and managers do not want to use the words of the conspiracy movement in any way. The rest is guaranteed that singer Amelie Paul will not be a part of C’est show sur l’eau’s this Saturday,” the release read on Friday morning.

“Fully compliant with health standards”

In an interview with The sun, Organizer Louis Lallont said he was “disappointed” in learning the ideas suggested by Amelie Paul.

“Last year, we were able to hold this event in line with health standards. We could not see ourselves promoting a woman who is recognized in the world of conspirators,” she explains.

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